How to Knit the “Casper” Baby Blanket [Free Video Tutorial & Written Pattern!]

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Fun fact, I absolutely love Garter Stitch! But when it comes to solid coloured blankets, Garter Stitch just doesn't give the texture and interest that I like to have.

The bulk of Casper is just garter stitch, but by adding one texture row into the pattern repeat, you end up with these cute little stockinette rectangles that just break the garter stitch up a little bit and give that texture and interest that I feel a solid coloured blanket needs.

Casper is not a reversable blanket, the texture does only appear on the right side, and the wrong side of the blanket pretty much resembles garter stitch, as you can see in the photograph below.

yarn and sizing tips & tricks

I've chosen DK (aka Double Knitting, Light Worsted, 3 Weight) yarn for this project, but don't let that stop you from knitting it in your own preferred weight of yarn. You will just need to adjust your cast on and number of repeats you work to accommodate the change in weight of yarn.

My instructions produce a Blanket approximately 60cm x 80cm, but for those of you wanting to adjust this size, it can easily be done using the pattern multiple of 12+6 for the middle textured panel, and an additional 18 stitches (9 for each side) for the garter stitch edging.

Materials Needed:

  • 4mm Circular Needs (to recreate this blanket 80-100cm is a perfect length)
  • 400g of DK Yarn - I used Stylecraft Belissima in Teal
  • 2 Stitch Markers
  • Scissors & Tapestry Needle for sewing in ends

Written Pattern:

Stiches Used

  • k - knit
  • p - purl
  • sl1pwyf - slip one purlwise with yarn in front.
  • Pm - place marker
  • Sm - slip marker

Bottom Edge

Foundation Row: Cast on 132 stitches.

Knit 16 rows as follows: K until final stitch, sl1pwyf

Main Pattern Repeat

Setup Row: k9, pm, p6,*k6, p6* repeat from *to* until 9 stitches remain, pm, k8, sl1pwyf. 

Repeat Rows:

Row 1-7: k until 1 stitch remains (sm as you come across them), sl1pwyf

Row 8: k9, sm, p6,*k6, p6* repeat from *to* until marker, sm, k8, sl1pwyf. 

Repeat Rows 1-8 (I worked 34 repeats in total) until project is slightly shorter than desired length (to allow for garter edging. Start Edging after completing a "Row 8".

Top Edge

Knit 16 rows as follows: K until final stitch, sl1pwyf.

Final row (Row 17): Cast off knit wise with right side facing.

video tutorial

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  • Ana says:

    No words to describe . So beautiful. Thank you. Ver well done . ❤️

    • SnufflebeanYarn says:

      Thank you!

  • Rebecca Terner Lentchner says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful patterns. I made a few errors, including choice of yarn but will definitely make this or another one of your blankets in future. I am so terribly grateful for your YouTube and website.

    • SnufflebeanYarn says:

      Hi Rebecca, thanks so much for the lovely feedback! Happy Knitting 🙂 Laurelin