How to Knit the Bamboo Stitch

Bamboo stitch is a fun and quirky stitch pattern that cleverly uses yarn overs to create a texture resembling bamboo stalks - hence the name!

Bamboo stitch is perfect for smaller projects that call for lots of texture, particularly for little washcloths, table mats etc - even better when paired with a simple garter stitch edging.

For those of you that prefer a visual guide, I have attached a link to the video tutorial at the bottom of this post - I hope you find it useful!

Stitches Used

  • k - knit
  • p - purl

Written Pattern

Foundation Row: Cast on an EVEN number of stitches.

Row 1 (RS): *yo, k2, pass yo over both stitches* Repeat from *to* until end of row.

Row 2: p all stitches.

Repeat rows 1&2 until project is desired size. Cast off Purl Wise on a Row 2 Repeat.

video tutorial

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