A Trendy MODERN Twist on a Classic Knitted Blanket! 🧶

Learn how to knit the classic Log Cabin blanket. A cute and cosy blanket brought right up to date with some non traditional colours sandwiched in-between beautifully simple rounds of cream.

This blanket is built from the centre out, using the simple yet stunning garter stitch, and by picking up stitches for each block as you go, there is no sewing involved!

I knitted my blanket according to the chart below, I used Hayfield Bonus DK in Cream, Fields of Gold, Rainforest, Deep Rose and Cerise. I rotated each block of colour round for the colour rows, meaning that each colour appeared once on each side of the blanket.

I finished off my blanket with a simple grey attached I-cord edge in Slate Grey Hayfield Bonus DK, but a slender log cabin edge would work equally well.

This pattern really does work best when visually explained, as although the construction is really simple, its difficult for me to put it in writing without it being overly wordy. 

video tutorial

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