How to Make a Drop Stitch Infinity Scarf on a Circular Knitting Machine

Learn how to make this beautifully soft and squishy Drop Stitch Infinity Scarf with me! This simple technique will take your machine knitting skills to the next level. You can find a link to the video tutorial at the bottom of this post.

Materials Needed:

  • Waste yarn in two contrasting colours.
  • Main working yarn (I used about 40g of DK weight yarn)
  • Embroidery Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle
  • 46/48 Pin Circular Knitting Machine


  1. Cast on with waste yarn, knit approximately 8 rows. 
  2. Cut first colour of waste yarn, and join new waste yarn.
  3. knit 1 row of your second waste yarn
  4. Cut waste yarn and join main scarf yarn
  5. knit 100 rows
  6. cut main yarn, leaving a long tail.
  7. Cast off only every other pin, if your machine has numbers then cast off only the ODD numbered needles.
  8. Drop yarn tail into the middle of the machine and crank round once to remove your work from the machine.
  9. Cinch the cast off end closed
  10. From your cast on end, using the tail from the working yarn, pick up all stitches to secure them, working round in the same direction as your your knitting.
  11. Pull a loop from the single row of waste yarn and pull firmly to remove it, the bigger section of waste yarn should just fall away once this row is removed.
  12. Cinch your cast off end closed, and begin tugging your work, the stitches you didn't pick up during cast off should begin to unravel. Keep tugging to drop stitches until you reach the cast on end.
  13. Cinch cast on end closed, and sew both ends together to form a loop. Secure ends by knotting them tightly and cutting the ends close to the knot.

Video Tutorial

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