How to Knit Double Moss Stitch [Free Video Tutorial & Written Pattern!]

This stitch seems to be one of those stitches that goes by several names. I know it as Double Moss Stitch, but I've also seen it called Double Seed Stitch and Irish Moss Stitch.

With a super simple 4 row repeat, this stitch packs bags of texture for what on the face of it is a super simple pattern. It's reversible, so it looks the same on both sides, which makes it perfect for any number of projects - Blankets, Scarves and Dish Cloths are just a Few that spring to mind.

The pattern repeat is nice and straightforward, so if you are a confident beginner that's mastered the basic knit and purl stitches then you should find this fairly quick and easy to pick up.

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stitches used

  • p - purl
  • k - knit

written pattern

Pattern Multiple - Cast on a multiple of 4+2 using your preferred cast on method.

Pattern Repeat:

Row 1 (RS): k2, *p2, k2* repeat from *to*until end of Row.

Row 2(WS): p2, *k2, p2* repeat from *to*until end of Row.

Row 3: p2, *k2, p2* repeat from *to*until end of Row.

Row 4: k2, *p2, k2* repeat from *to*until end of Row.

Repeat rows 1-4 until project is desired length.

When you want to cast off, do so on a Row 4 repeat, and cast off in pattern.

Video Tutorial

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