How to Crochet the V Stitch

This version of V-Stitch is marginally different to a lot of the other methods I've seen available. By working the V Stitch as a dc2togs, you get a lovely dense fabric that just looks a little more tidy than using the more common V Stitch method you often see. It is still incredibly easy to work, and despite having lots of ends to deal with looks fantastic when worked in single rows of colour.

written pattern

Stitches Used:

  • ch - chain
  • dc - double crochet
  • dc2tog - double crochet 2 together (aka double crochet decrease)

Foundation Row:

  • Chain an EVEN number of Stitches

Row 1 (Setup Row):

  1. In the 4th Chain from the hook work the first half of dc2tog.
  2. Skip 1 ch, and finish dc2tog in the next chain along. Ch1
  3. Work 1st half of next dc2tog into the SAME ch as previous stitch.
  4. Skip 1 ch, and finish dc2tog in the next chain along. 
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until the end of the row.
  6. DO NOT CH1, work dc into the same ch of the final dc2tog.

Row 2 (Repeat Row):

  1. Ch2. TURN
  2. Work half of dc2tog into space between final dc and dc2tog of previous row
  3. Work second half of dc2tog into next ch1 space from row below. Ch1
  4. Work 1st half of next dc2tog into the SAME ch1 space as previous stitch.
  5. Repeat step 3 & 4 until last ch1 gap.
  6. Work first half of dc2tog into final ch1 gap.
  7. Work second half of dc2tog between dc2tog and dc from row below.

Repeat Row 2 until your project is complete. If you wish to change colours then please refer to instructions below.

Changing Colour

Changing colour is a simple process, you just need to work your finish the final DC of the row with the new colour, and then carry on as normal.

Video Tutorial

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  • Debra Biggins says:

    Hi! Your pattern is so easy to understand. Just finished a receiving blanket. I edges are perfect but I would love to add a border. I saw on your website a handmade blanket you had sold that had a white border. Do you have instructions somewhere how to do it? Even a paid pattern?
    Thank you for the pattern!

    • SnufflebeanYarn says:

      I think if I remember correctly I used the border that I generally also use on a ripple blanket - I have a tutorial and pattern for that here on the website and on youtube